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The new plus series color bridge provides process color simulations of all solid pantone colors including the 224 new solid colors in a convenient sidebyside comparison format, on coated stock. These books also provide rgb and html hex color values for each swatch. Whats great is almost all of the pms colors in this pantone. As far i know the color bridge just tells you how your pantone color could be converted in cmyk or html or rgb. We are pantone authorized distributor in canada, we carry full line of pantone products like swatch cards, color guides, chip books, calibration equipment for both graphics and fashion textile industry, we are looking forward to serve all graphics and fashion designers in the canadian market.

They can achieve more vibrant and unique colours like metallic or neon but are also more expensive to. You dont get all the solid colors, but you get plenty. Bridge guides provide process color simulations of all solid pantone color. Pantone color bridge library not available in adobe. I have previously written about the pantone color bridge swatch books and how important these pantone book are for any designer. Pantone color bridge, coated is a widely used pantone guide because of its versitly used between almost all sectors of the graphic industry. Pantone colours can look very dull compared to their cmyk equivalent because they are premixed inks used in offset printing. Pantone color bridge coated and uncoated 2 guide set. Illustrator cs5 also has color bridge pantone colors as a swatch option. Did you know the pantone color bridge book makes it possible to achieve specific pms colors using cmyk in the digital print industry. Pantone cmyk values in illustrator do not match th. It is best used for determining how solid colors will look when reproduced through the fourcolor printing process, as well as a. Keeping colour consistent across print and digital. The pantone color bridge coated is an essential color guide for graphic designers to crossreference cmyk, solid and html color codes from pantone.

In other words, the bridge guides are all printed in cmyk to match pantone spot colors as close as possible. Unlock the mystery of color, discover new color insights and increase your color knowledge. Pantone color bridge vs cmyk color guide graphic design. The values on the website and in the color books show as 0, 95, 100, 0. The color values that a represented in our software do not match the pantone books, bridges, website, or the color manager that we have installed. Pantone plus formula guide guides set coated uncoated gp1. These guides and books allows textile and fashion designers to select colors, create color palettes, and then specify those colors to apparel manufacturers. The pantone solid uncoated is not meant to be used for cmyk. Color bridge guide set coated and uncoated pantone. I use illustrator and was confused by the different swatch books in the dropdown menu. Strong and vibrant, this seasons colour palette displays our. The color bridge up is the cmyk specified by pantone for this color. Pantone plus modernize the way adobe applications use spot colors from color book manufacturers.

Pms 5773 converted to cmyk through illustrator c9, m0, y43, k38 pms 5773 build according to pantone s color bridge. I have owned pantone fans before, but the quality for this one i got is rather disappointing. Graphic and print designers can visualize pantone spot colors side by side with their closest, industrystandard cmyk equivalent when process printing is required. I recommend using a colour bridge pantone book because it provides a sidebyside comparison of each pantone in cmyk. Pantone color bridge guide coated blick art materials. Note you should do your research on the pantone website.

One fan guide is printed on coated paper stock and the other guide is printed on uncoated paper stock. Graphic and print designers can visualize pantone spot colours side by side with their closest, industrystandard cmyk equivalent when process printing is. Fevas pantone bridge color card rgb and cmyk 1755 kinds colors gg6103n for process printing. The color bridge guide illustrates how pantone spot colours can reproduce in cmyk, for better colour management across platforms. Long time ago, i was looking for the same thing, but since the actual books are expensive, pantone dont make them in. Translate pantone colors into cmyk, html, and rgb with the pantone color bridge guide coated. Our collection of pantone color books reveal the role of color throughout history, explores the physiological and psychological influence of color and its effect on consumer engagement, highlights how color is used to create a mood or evoke a feeling and teaches you the secret to winning color combinations. An essential guide for designers, prepress and printers. The values for the 485c pantone in illustrator show as 4, 98, 100, 1. From prepress, print and quality control with coated. This tool will allow us to choose a pantone color to be used in adobe photoshop or illustrator, and. The new color bridge guides are now produced with improved cmyk values that were created without manually adjusting individual colors, in order to illustrate results you can expect to achieve from a typical commercial printer. The color bridge is helpful for comparing pantone solid colors ink mixtures with their closest according to pantone cmyk equivalent, so its probably the most versatile for use while youre studying. The color bridge guide illustrates how pantone spot colours can reproduce in cmyk on uncoated stock, for confident colour management across platforms.

Bridge solid pantone colors for process printing or web design. Im wondering if anyone can explain why im getting different cmyk numbers when i convert a spot color in illustrator vs the cmyk numbers out of a pantone bridge book. Also, for this bridge version, the cmyk swatch printed next to the pantone swatch was printed slightly lower for. Converting pantone solid to cmyk is the improper way to get a cmyk value for a spot color. It also has the largest color gamut in the pantone graphics. To get technical, pantone uses lab to define spot colors and cmyk to define bridge colors and thus the visual difference on screen. The pantone for fashion and home palette contains 2,100 unique colors, printed on either paper or dyed on cotton fabric. Previously, the cmyk values in the color bridge guides were produced using manually adjusted settings specific to the pantone printing press. Why are pantone color bridge up so different to pantone. The colour bridge actually replaces the outdated pantone u and c swatch options that appear in illustrator cs5. Formula guides are printed in the actual pantone spot color.

Some of the pantone swatches look faded, or has little white spots on it. With color bridge guide, graphic and print designers can visualize pantone spot colours side by side with their closest, industrystandard cmyk equivalent, for when process printing on coated paper is required. Pantone color bridge plus and cmyk cheat sheets for. Adobe programs have many of the books in their swatch libraries. Design info provides to its esteemed clients a wide product range in pantone colour books, with their uses and application in the extensive variety of industries. A color may seem similar in one book to a color in another book, and thats because the colors on screen seem similar but in all likelihood will be different if a printer uses those pantone swatches. Color bridge is the only pantone tool that offers cmyk, html, and rgb values for pantone spot colors.

The color bridge guide illustrates how pantone spot colors can reproduce in cmyk on uncoated stock, for confident color management across platforms. Graphic and print designers can visualize pantone spot colors side by side with their closest, industrystandard cmyk equivalent when process printing is. I want to know about difference, for offset industry only, in terms of using pantone formula guide vs. Mar, 2020 pantone color bridge swatch book and color swatches color chart sticker colors for printing color swatch books pantone colour bridge swatch book stay safe and healthy. While you may continue to use the solid to process library to support legacy files, you should use the pantone color bridge library for new projects. The pantone color bridge guide coated illustrates how pantone spot colors can reproduce in cmyk on coated stock, for confident color management across platforms. Originally designed for the graphics industry, the pantone solids palette is now used by a wide range of industries, and is the most commonly used palette. You see the cmyk color on the guide along side the actual pantone spot color. For example, pantone 199 red can be identified as pantone 199c c coated paper, pantone 199u u uncoated paper or pantone 199m mmatte paper. There are limitations with an onscreen version of these cheat sheets, namely you cant see how a specific pantone colour actually looks printed. Pantone for fashion and home textile color chooser. Buy pantone colour books in india pantone shade card dealer. I would like to buy a swatch book by pantone i mostly work with cmyk colors and was thinking of getting the standard cmyk color guide when, i realised that the bridge guide also had cmyk swatches as well as pantone spot color swatches, which makes me wonder the following. The color bridge guides illustrate how pantone spot colors can reproduce in cmyk, for confident color management across platforms.

The pantone color bridge uncoated guide plus series 2019 edition is a multipurpose tool for printers, graphic and web designers. As far as i know, you will find the pantone color bridge cmyk pdf book online. Pantone bridge books uncoated vs coated graphic design. Design info is the official shade cards dealer for pantone colour books in india. Locate us design info, no 1, saremals, shastri hall building. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Pantone bridge cmyk vs illustrator cmyk conversion. Buying yourself one of these pantone books is a solid tip from me. What pantone book to use for fashion designers tcx vs tpx duration. The most versatile tool for graphic and digital designers, color bridge set provides a sidebyside visual comparison of pantone spot colours verses their closest cmyk process printing match on coated and uncoated paper.

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